Make Windows 10 Faster With This Trick | Trick To Speed Up Windows 10

Hello Everyone on the Internet , Today I Am Back With Another Cool Trick on Windows, in This Post I Am Sharing Some of Tricks and Tweaks to Speedup Your Windows Operating System Speed by 50%, Yeah You Heard Me Right , You Can Enhance the Speed of Your Windows Os With These Tricks, Basically if You Have a Normal Configuration System or Neither You Have a Higher RAM nor a Fast Processor, but Still You Want Your PC to Perform Quick and Enhanced Like New What You Can Do Is Follow Some Simple Tweaks You’ll Definitely Noticed a Speed Optimization,so Lets Get on the Trick

1 . Disable Startup Services

This Trick Is All About Making Some Free Space at the Time When Windows Is Loading First Time in the Dynamic Memory,what This Trick Does Is Basically When We Disable Some Useless Programs From the Startup Services Then Resulting Is the Software or Program Will Not Be Loading or Run at the Time of Starup Which Means Less Programs in Startup Is Equal to Less Memory Consumed Which Is Propotional to Speed.

Here Is How to Disable Startup Programs

Task Manager Startup Options

  • Go to > Run > Type “msconfig”  and Hit Enter
  • Go to > Startup Tab
  • Right Click > Disable (Maximum Useless Program From List)
  • Note : Any Antivirus Program Should Be Enabled.

2. Disk Cleanup

Cleaning Up Disk Drives Are Another Method of Cleaning Very Old Temporary Files (Useless) From the System. The Disk Cleanup Is Inbilt Utility Tool Offred by Microsft Windows Os by Which One Can Delete Some Unnecessary Files From the System to Boost System and Make Some of Free Storage


Disk Cleanup

  • Go to > Run > Type “Cleanmgr” and Hit Enter
  • Select Desired Local Disk and Hit Ok
  • Then Check Options of Files You Want to Remove
  • Note : Cleaning Up System Data Also Enhances the Speed of the System

3.  Adjust Windows Settings to Best Performance

If You Adjust Your Windows Performance Setting to the Best Performance You Can Optimize Your System Speed Too,basically We All Know That Windows Has Their Own Number of Transition Which May Take Place at Certain Tasks,when We Set It to the Best Performance Windows Will Minimize All the Graphic User Interface at Its Best and Hence This Will Reduce Graphical Load on RAM.

Windows Settings For Best Performance


  • Go to > “System Properties” of My Computer
  • Select “Advance System Settings” From Left Tab
  • Click “Setting” From the “Performance” Area
  • Set Radio Button to “Adjust to Best Performance”
  • Hit “Ok” and Restart PC

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Software(S) From System

As One Should Know That Our System Reacts to Us Depending on How Much We Storage We Give to System No Matter the Static or Dynamic Memory Is Used More, One Should Always Have Software’s Installed in Our PC Which Are Used in Daily Life, Uninstalling Unnecessary Software’s From the System Is One of the Best Way to Improve Speed of Your PC

  • Go to > Control Panel >  “Uninstall a Program”.
  • Uninstall Software’s You Think You Do Not Use Frequently

Watch My YouTube Tutorial Video For Ease

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